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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 3, 2014 11:00pm-11:11pm JST

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here onnhk world, this i "newslin" china' state-run news agency says a powerful earthqke has killed at lea 120 people in yunan provie in e soutest. xinhua als says 12,000 budings have collapsed and 180 people are missing. the chinaarthquake administration say the magnitude5 quake hit sunday afternoon. xinhua says more than 1300 people were injured. local mia quote resentss
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saying the ground swayed as if they were on board a sh. photos takenn the quake-hi areashow collapsed buildings and people who had fledo safety. it's a mountaino area abo 200 kilometers fm the ovincial capital. military psonnel and firefighters arerying to reach suivors of landslides have reportedlyut offoads in many locations. raeli prime minister benjamin netanya has indicated he will scaldown miliry operations inhe gaza strip, but the palestini group hamas has vowedo continue fighting. netanyahu said osaturday israeli forces wouldurtail their ground offensive wn they finished destroyg underground tunnels. me of the troops hav withawn from crowded are in northern gaza d moved closer to the boundarwith israel. but the ime minister insists the operations wl continue. hamas has accused isel of attaing many women and children
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israeli forces launcd a fierce attack nr the southern gaza ci of rafah on sundayorning. the military orations that began in earlyuly have killed more than 1,700 pele and injured 000. e situation in gaza remain uncertain. the international forts to mediata cease-fire have ma little progress. govement officials from countries cluding japan are advising their natiols to leave bya due to the worseng security situati. rival litant groups are fighting acrosthe country mainly in thcapital tripoli and the eastn city of benghazi. more tha200 people have been killed so fa the internatiol airport in tripoli hahalted operations. a numb of nearby oil depot ve been destroyed. embassies e temporarily closed urging tir nationals to acuate immediately. a greek val vessel evacuated
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embassy stafand about 180 people frochina, britain, and otr countries to a port near athe on saturday. one of the evacuees heard explions backn libya and said height have been aacked d he remained. mbers of the libyan rliament are scheduled to meeon monday to dcuss ways to restore security red cross ficials anunced they're increang support to the world healt ornization and west african cotries to tackle the ola outbreak. the w.h.o. confied the ebola virus has clmed more than 729 lives mainly iguinea, liberia, and sierra leone the internatnal federation of red cross and red crcent societies orfrc announced they will commit $1 million forn emgency response team. the team will treat tients at one of the worst h areas in sierra lne. a statement by t ifrc says the spad of ebola has gone beyon
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e capacity of governnts and humanitaan aid agencies. w.h.o. officials annnced last week they'llommit $100 million to fighting thspread of ebola. a u.s. m infected with the ebola virus has turned home from wesafrica for treatment. u.s. sta department official say three americans who we rking in the region ntracted e virus. one of them has ed. on saturday, one of e patients arrived at u.s. air force base in the southerstate of georgia on board a special equipped medical ple. the patient was ansferred to a university hospital atlanta. dr. kent brantlyas helping to coain the outbreak. he wil receive special treatment in an olation unit. hospital officials said at the public will not in any dang. the otheebola patient is expected to arrive in e u.s. in a few days.
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china's govement affiliat news website report that attacks opublic facilities in xinjng last mondayere carried out by terroris. it said theyolluded with islac separatists. the webse says the attackers were a knife-widing gang. 37 people re killed and 13 others wounded. this incident occurred in kashgar district in e northwest of cna's uighur autonous region. it also id authorities shot dead wt it called 59 hoodls involved in e attack and detained 215. the website said plic security ficials determined iwas a premeditated a by terrorists o colluded with the east turkistan islamimovement. the u.n. surity council listed the group as an ternational terrorist orgazation. chinese gornment officials say the gro was behind theeadly car crash in tianmen square in
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october last yr. they also blamed the gro for the fal bombing at a train statio in umqi in april. the families of ose hurt or kled during a factoryn e jiangxu province a frustrated with the vernment's slow response. the exosion left 69 people dead and more than 180 injure the injured were taken to hospitals, but somfamilies say they don't know ere their loved onesre being hospitalized. >>ranslator: we want tknow e information now. >> tnslator: even if there alive or dead, i want toee them. ere's no name list. there's no way i c meet them. >> the factoryakes aluminum loy wheel hubs for automobis. investigatorare questioning five people incling the head of the cpany to determine the cause ofhe accident. chinese president jinping dered local governme officials to step uphe investigation.
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heaid they will do their bes to tat the injured and assist the bereaved familie tropical sto nakri is bringing morrain to the shikoku region of japan. nely 1,000 millimetersr about 40 inches has fall since friday, raising the risk o flds and landslides. local nicipalities have issued an ecuation order and adsory for the ea. the japan meteorogical agency says nakri is causindamp air to move into western jan from the pacific. hour rainfall of 101 miimeters was recordedn kochi prefecture on sund. neigoring tokoima pfecture has had more th 600 milliters of rainfallver a 24our period. some areasave high risk of floods and ldslides.
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local munipalities have dered about 850 housolds to evacuate an evacuation adviry has been issu for about 258,000 households >> translator: i'meaving by myse. i thought it'setter to evacuates soon as possible. >> the meteological agency is calling for vigince as the heavy rainfalls expected to contin across the region. another typhoon near t korean peninsu has also been wreaking havoc. stormy conditis are expected to forecast for anotherday. let's see what the outlook is lik for otherities around e world.
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for all of us on"newine."
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